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Our Process

Our Belief | Fike Advisors
We believe financial well-being is based on 4 important subjects
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Investment Positioning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Preservation

When we work with clients we take each of these 4 things into careful consideration. When any of the 4 foundations are out of balance you are likely experiencing some form of anxiety. We want to bring order and balance to these foundations. Everything we talk about is based upon that goal, because when you have these 4 things in balance you and your family can begin taking steps toward Retiring ASAP!.

Cash Flow Management: This is your income and expenses. For financial health you need to have more money coming in compared to money going out! It’s extremely important to have your cash flow in order if you expect to have a healthy retirement.

Investment Positioning: When you begin to think about saving for retirement, a future dream home, or your children’s education it’s extremely important that the investments are positioned specifically for your goals and risk tolerance. If this is out of balance, there could be major problems in your financial security.

Tax Planning: While this is not something we advise on in depth, it is important to have someone help you understand the tax consequences of your financial decisions. Without proper tax planning you may end up in financial problems you never planned for.

Estate Preservation: It’s a little depressing thinking about death, but it is important to make sure after you go things are set up well for your spouse or the next generation. That takes thought and planning, and without it those you leave behind could have a mess to clean up.