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Find Freedom for Yourself, Family and Your Finances

Ron Fike, Ruth Fike (Front Row L to R)
Taylor Fike, Torrey Fike, Karen Fike –Henderson, Paula Fike, Brad Fike (Back Row L to R)

In 1961, the Fike family’s entrance into the Financial Services world started with founder, Ron Fike.

In 1961, the Fike family’s entrance into the Financial Services world started with founder, Ron Fike. After graduating from Ashland University, Ron began teaching school and driving bus. He quickly discovered that he was passionate about starting and running his own business. In 1961, he began selling life insurance in the evenings and teaching during the day. Then in 1965, he took a major risk and quit teaching to sell life insurance full time! He did not know then, but this risk was something that has had a major impact on the lives of many families and future generations to come.

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For many years Fike Advisors (Ron Fike and Associates back then) was just Ron and his wife, Ruth, who took the role of secretary. The business grew because of it’s keen focus on keeping the client’s interest first, and in August 1983 his son, Brad, joined the business. From one generation to the next the Fike Family grew deeper roots into the financial services business by offering Retirement planning services. At first it was just a sidebar for clients who asked for specific help, but it wouldn’t stay that way.

As the 1990s came with major inflows to the investment world, the Fikes decided to follow suit. While Ron focused on life insurance as his main priority, Brad took a special liking to working with financial planning and investments. Specifically, Brad liked to help people retire early.

In 2000, Ron’s daughter Karen joined the firm as the office manager. Once again, adding family to the equation. As the early 2000’s progressed, so did the Fikes.

In 2009, Brad found a new direction for the business. Instead of dealing with the potential bias of selling commission based investments, Fike Advisors became a Registered Investment Advisor. This meant changing all investments to fee based, bringing the clients goal for growth inline with our goals.

With the new designation of fiduciary, meaning we legally must give advice in the best interest of the client, Fike Advisors was set to move forward and help clients navigate retirement for many years.

In 2014, Taylor Fike, Brad’s son, graduated from the University of Cincinnati. He immediately joined the family business as an advisor and began learning how to help clients Retire ASAP! With a 3rd generation, Fike Advisors began reaching a broader group of individuals, especially millennials.

Fike Advisors is a family business and, just like most families, is ever growing and transforming. While the strategies and the processes may change, the Fike Family’s mission to help clients find the freedom to spend their time on the things they love in retirement will stay the same.

Fike Advisors

Our Values

Faith, Family and Generosity
– We believe these, combined, lead to a more abundant life.

– We believe that a good retirement plan has nothing to hide.

Simple Approach and Casual Atmosphere
– We believe the best way to plan for the future is to take what seems complicated and make it simple..

– We Believe it’s our job to purposefully guide you into and through retirement.

– We believe in the phrase “Your money, your decision.” We will never pressure you, or do anything without your permission.

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Fike Advisors

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide you into retirement as soon as possible so you can begin to spend your time doing the things you love.
Fike Advisors | Our Mission
Fike Advisors | Our Vision
Fike Advisors

Our Vision

At Fike Advisors we want to see families find the freedom to spend their time doing the things they love. We help accomplish that by simplifying and clarifying retirement for as many people as we can.

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Brad Fike

Brad Fike

Retirement Specialist / Founder of Fike Advisors, LLC
Taylor Fike

Taylor Fike

Retirement Specialist
Karen Henderson

Karen Henderson

Office Administrator

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